Below you'll find our complete suite of step by step courses for those who want to totally
win their life and leave an amazing legacy on planet earth, now.
Pick a course that’s right for you and kick-start your life change today!
In 14-Days you will discover your personal and unique 
"Wealth Attraction Formula."
  •  Do you want an "the absolute advantage" with attracting money to you?
  • ​Would having a higher sense of your core value and self-worth support you in attracting more money?
  •  Would you like to release patterns, defeating beliefs and attitudes that push money away from you?
  •  Do you get overwhelmed because you feel like you should be making or saving more money?
  • Do you believe that you have more potential and purpose in you and that now is the time to totally transform your life.
If so, then you're going to LOVE the Wealth Attraction Kickstarter Experience that will help you to create a Wealth Attraction Formula that will help you "Double Your Income after Divorce!"
FREE Get Out of Debt Kit
Everything you need to get out of debt and into Prosperity.
  •  Don't have extra money to pay off debt?  Includes: 15 Ways to Increase Your Cash Flow
  •   Don't know what to do? Includes a step-by-step Manual: The Fastest Way to Get Out of Debt and Into Prosperity
  •  No Time to Read? Includes Audios so you can listen in the car​
  • Lacking Motivation? Includes charts and visuals to keep you seeing positive progress
  • ​Still lacking motivation: Change your mindset and beliefs while you sleep with a guided visualization
Transform Your Relationship with Money
Everything you need to guaranteed change your relationship with attracting money energy, in a 90-day home study.
  •  Is it time to clean up your relationship with money and worth forever to attract more?
  • ​ Is it time that you listened to that voice within calling you to learn, grow and do greater things?
  • ​Are your ready to put some practices in place to support your money energy?
Double Your Income Programs
This is a VIP Breakthrough Experience with the New Life Paradigm Signature System of Life Design and DIDit: Identify, Breakthrough and Activate Your New Income while achieving your Dreams, Joy and Purpose. Join a group program, or one-on-one VIP experience, something for every budget.
Do you:
  • Do you want to get rid of all of the negative things that block you in your life?
  • Do you want to live a limitless life of joy, abundance and fulfillment?
  • Is it time that you stopped listening to the voice that says you're not enough? not good enough?
  • Is now the time for you to quit standing in the shadows of others, or who others think you should be?
  • And would you love to release all of your negative emotions, limiting beliefs and limiting decisions?
Client Attraction Mastery Online
Designed to help Coaches and wholistic healers earn $10,000 per month, this program is responsible for over $100,000 of revenue for people taking this course. This proven system has been refined for over 14 years, as a 
4-month guaranteed course which really leads you to mastery in client attraction, retention and sales. 
  •  Three part proprietary system to get consults, get clients and get referrals 
  • ​ Join over 100 $10,000 per month coaches and wholistic healing club members 
  • ​Learn from the comfort of your home online in a step-by-step proven system
New Life Paradigm NLP Practitioners Course
Do you:
  • Do you want to go deeper into how to change your life and help others to significantly change theirs?
  • Do you want to be a self-cleaning human able to process through events to continually develop?
  • Is it time that you listened to that voice within calling you to learn, grow and do greater things?
  • Is now the time for you to do something different with your life and serve others and grow yourself?
  • And would you love to support others to have their most amazing lives and be their best?
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